Pasta Dishes

Bolognese – 8.10€
Matriciana – 8.10€
(Bacon & Garlic in a Tomato & Cream Sauce)
Carbonara – 8.10€
(Special Ham & Cream Sauce)
Vegetal (V)8.10
(Italian Style Vegetables in a Tomato Sauce)
Fruti Di Mere – 9.50€
(Tomato or Cream Sauce with Shrimps, Mussels & Crab)
Casa Mia – 9.10€
(Italian Style Vegetables with Chopped Steak)
Con Carne – 9.10€
(Chopped Steak in a Cream & Tomato Sauce)
Con Pollo – 9.10€
(Chicken Breast in a Cream & Tomato Sauce)
à La Vodka – 9.10€
(Chopped Steak Flambé in Vodka)
El Chaparral – 9.10€
(Italian Style Vegetables in a Tomato Sauce with Chicken)
Spicy Cajun Chicken – 9.50€
(Chicken Breast with Mixed Peppers ,Onions in a spicy Cajun cream sauce)
Chicken, Bacon & Cheese – 9.50€
(Chicken Breast , Spanish Bacon & Cheese in a cream sauce)
Chefs Special – 9.50€
(Chicken Breast or Chopped Steak with Mixed Peppers, Mushrooms, Leek, Sweetcorn & Onion in a Cream or Tomato Sauce)

Choose your pasta to accompany your sauce:

(V) = suitable for vegetarians